infinity tool manufacturing

Infinity Tool Manufacturing specializes in consumables and accessories for the drilling industry. Learn more in-depth knowledge about these products here.


PDC bits

PDC Bits are available from 1″ to 18″ and are suitable for HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling, Oil and Gas, Geo-thermal, Waterwell, Construction and Mining.

Infinity’s rock drilling tooling is manufactured in Illinois using the highest quality materials and international quality standards.


tricone hole openers

Tricone hole openers can prove to be a cost effective solution due to the limited availability of large diameter bits. They also enable larger holes to be drilled with smaller rigs by drilling in stages.

Hole Opener diameters range for 8″ to 48″ with different pilot hole diameters and custom builds to suit your ground conditions.



Infinity has been supplying Tricones for over ten years, allowing them to source bits suitable for a range of drilling applications. Tricones are suited for Oil & Gas, Geo-Thermal & Waterwell, Construction, Horizontal Directional Drilling and Mining.

Infinity supplies new, surplus and rebuilt tricone drill bits with sizes ranging from 2 15/16″ up to 36″. Bits are available in Mill Tooth and TCI (Tungsten Carbide Insert) for soft, medium and hard formation. 


cable tool bits

Infinity stocks a range of Cable Tool bits that are suited to a wide variety of applications.

Bit diameters range from 4″ to 9 7/8″ in 3 different face shapes:

  • drop centre
  • flat face
  • soft rock

Cable Tool Bits bits are manufactured to ISO 9001:2015.

drag bits

Infinity stocks a large range of Drag Bits with bit diameters range for 3″ to 12″ in a range of designs.

PDC Reamer


PDC Reamers are available in size from 6″ to 48″.

Infinity manufacture PDC Reamers suitable for a range of drilling applications including Horizontal Directional Drilling, Water well Drilling,  Oil & Gas, Geo-Thermal, Construction as well as Mining.

Directional Hammer Bit

directional hammer bits

Infinity stocks a wide range of slant face hammer bits that are particularly suited to the Directional Drilling industry.

A wide range of bit diameters and shanks are available. If you experience difficult drilling conditions, a custom bit design can be manufactured just for you.

All images and written copy are provided by Infinity Tool Manufacturing.