Horizontal directional drills work most efficiently when they are matched with the right-sized mixing system. The MX240 quickly mixes high volumes of fluid for a variety of bores. With the power of a 25 hp/18.6 kW Kohler gas or 22 hp/16.4 kW Hatz diesel engine, the MX240 can support either a 750 gallon/2,839 L or 1,000 gallon/3,785 L tank.


MX240 Mixing System

Features and Benefits

  • Delivers greater flexibility when mounting to a trailer due to its modular design.
  • Accepts additives easily through the direct injection hose and a cone-shaped hopper that prevents polymers or other fluids from collecting at the bottom.
  • Works with a variety of Vermeer drills, including the D20x22 Series II, D24x40 Series II, D36x50 Series II, D80x100 Series II and D100x120 Series II.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.
Power Pack
Length 39.6 in 100.6 cm
Width 48 in 121.9 cm
Height 45 in 114.3 cm
Weight 650 lbs 294.8 kg
Diesel Engine Option Hatz 2G40
Diesel Engine Option Horsepower 22 hp 16.4 kw
Gas Engine Option Kohler CH25
Gas Engine Option Horsepower 23.5 hp 17.5 kw
Gross Horsepower 23.5 hp 17.5 kw
Fuel Capacity 15 gal 56.8 L
Pump Type Monarch 20 MGK-GS 3"
Mixing Action Ventrui/recirculation
Integrated Mixing Hopper Yes
750 Gallon (2839.1 L) Tank Option
Length 138 in 350.5 cm
Width 49.5 in 125.7 cm
Height 67 in 170.2 cm
Mixing Jets 4-line enductor nozzles
1000 Gallon (3785.4 L) Tank Option (Round)
Length 167 in 424.2 cm
Width 49.5 in 125.7 cm
Height 67 in 170.2 cm
Mixing Jets 5-line enductor nozzles