The Vermeer Heartland lineup of rental-focused equipment is designed to meet the demands and expectations of the professional contractor. Built for intuitive use and ease of maintenance, these machines offer proven solutions to a range of jobsite needs for your rental customers. Contact your sales rep to learn more.

pedestrian trenchers

The Vermeer lineup of pedestrian trenchers and plows offer a proven solution for a range of installation needs. These machines are designed to be durable with convenient access to maintenance points.


horizontal grinders

Horizontal grinders are beneficial in a variety of markets, including mulch manufacturers, landfills, land clearing, logging and disaster cleanup.


trommel screens

Vermeer trommel screens were designed to minimize setup time and make maintenance easy so you can focus on getting to work. With an extensive list of drum and screen options, Vermeer provides you with the right tools to get the job done.

D40x55 S3 HDD - Utility Directional Drill

horizontal directional drills

As the underground construction industry has evolved over the last 20 years, Vermeer has responded with drills designed to meet the expanding needs of contractors.


Track trenchers

Under most ground conditions, a single Vermeer trencher can perform the work of several excavators. Operators can trench fast and efficiently with minimized chain wear due to its low-speed, high-torque, splined headshaft motor and variable chain speed.


vacuum excavators

We pride ourselves on truck vacuum equipment and technology that are among the best in the world. All components in models like our VXT500, with its 8-yd spoil tank capacity, are market-tested and some of the highest quality in the industry.

Yanmar excavation

yanmar excavators

With their innovative design, you get all the perks of a compact tool, without losing any of the power you expect from a bulkier excavator with large tail overhang.