ProAction Fluids

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Soil stabilizer, viscosifier, friction reducer and the cornerstone product of the ProAction Fluids line.

ProDrill is a proprietary blend of polymers that are specially formulated to rapidly disperse and hydrate completely in water. ProDrill builds shear-thinning, psuedoplastic viscosity which makes it easy to pump while also facilitating cuttings transport in the bore-hole.

  • Highly effective in clayey conditions
  • Lubricates drill pipe and bore-hole
  • Excellent base fluid for complex soil conditions
  • Best overall value-add product on the market


Pink, non-foaming drilling detergent and water conditioner.

  • ProDyne ensures the drill bit stays clean of debris by reducing the “stickiness” of clay material.
  • Excellent surfactant in fluid systems for “water only” type drilling mixes
  • Works in combination with ProDrill in sticky clays to prevent clay from sticking to bit
  • Coats pipe string and produces a smooth creamy stream of cuttings material
  • Helps keep bit cool in mud and rocky soil conditions by water wetting surfaces
  • Conditions and softens mineral-rich water to maximize performance of other ProAction Fluids products


Blue, clay control additive to prevent swelling of clay.

  • Additive for swelling clay conditions
  • Helps reduce the swelling of clay
  • Increases productivity by reducing torque and increasing debris removal
  • Keeps pipe clean by preventing clay deconsolidation
Geo Sweep HD

GeoSweep HD

Prevents fluid loss in soil and loose soil. 

GeoSweep HD™ is compatible with the PAF HDD product line (ProDrill™, ProDyne™ and Claylock™), and should be used to modify the viscosity and further improve filtration control in a wide-variety of situations, but will find it most applicable to sand, cobble and highly permeable soil conditions.

  • Proprietary polymer blend
  • 100% silica free
  • Compatible and synergistic with all major brands of bentonite
  • Single additive that builds gel strength and provides filtration control
ProVis XP

provis xp

Improves viscosity, gel strength or filtration control.

ProVis XP™ is a biopolymer blend that modifies gel strength and filtration control with minimal increase in overall fluid system viscosity. It is formulated to extend the performance of bentonite, while not contributing negatively to overall fluid system viscosity.

  • Biopolymer blend
  • 100% silica free
  • Neutral pH
  • Boosts properties of thixotropioc mud already present


Tank, tooling and equipment cleaner and sanitizer.

DrillClean™ can be used as a tank, tooling, or equipment cleaner, and is designed to rapidly penetrate and breakdown dirt, clays, organic matter, clumps of partially-hydrated bentonite and/or coagulated bentonite-polymer mixtures. DrillClean™ reduces the effort required to clean up tanks, mixing equipment, hoses, drill, rods, and tooling that become soiled from mud mixing, soil, dirt and/or drill cuttings. There are multiple ways to apply DrillClean to your operations.

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